In 2016 we were asked by supervisor Arq. Paulo David to become part of the team that developed the prestigious christmas lighting for the city of Funchal. Besides discussing the overall idea for the whole city centre, our contribution consisted of the design of the lighting for Praça Colombo, commonly known as Praça Amarela. This square in the city centre is characterised by it´s various levels and “obstacles” like vegetation and constructions which make it hard to experience the square as a whole. The centre of the square is hardly used as a space to be, people cross the square mostly on it´s edges. Therefore our idea was to make a “ceiling”, strongly directing the visitors view to the centre of the square. Being the lowest point in the ceiling, this centre suddenly became a recognizable space – a place to stop, look around, make a selfie, have a conversation.

_mcp4386_sq _mcp4539 _mcp4516 _mcp4490


Christmas lighting


Funchal, Madeira – Portugal




Arq. Paulo David


Clara Pereira Photography


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