The intervention area is located in the center of Estreito da Calheta and includes the redevelopment of Rua da Igreja, from the entrance to the Civic Center to the entrance to the Cemetery, with a total of 760m2. The aim of this project is to redesign a new profile for this area giving special emphasis to pedestrians and reducing traffic. At this moment the Rua da Igreja is a two-way asphalt street with a small sidewalk on both sides. The large square that exists next to the cemetery as well as the warehouse below will also be intervened. The square has serious structural problems and should therefore be demolished.

In the proposal, the Rua da Igreja become a low-speed one way street, with large sidewalks on both sides. To improve accessibility, the difference in level between street and sidewalk is eliminated. The distinction between zones is made through material differences and a stone curb. The sidewalks are covered in regular basalt pavement and the road will be covered in parallel sawn basalt (20 by 10cm).  A stair is introduced at the edge of the new built square, granting a comfortable connection between the square, church, and the cemetery.

Along the south sidewalk and in the square, removable benches will be installed. The benches will have inscribed a message in tribute to all travelers on the Caminho Real 23, praising the history and memory of the ancestors who have populated Estreito da Calheta since the 16th century. During events the benches can be repositioned next to the church wall.

As part of the design, 2 elements of bush-hammered concrete will be placed on the square. On the south edge a L-shaped fixed bench will offer a place to enjoy the view and a water mirror and fountain marks the Eastern edge of the square.

The space under the square is reserved for a community center.

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