This house is located on a beautiful piece of land in Funchal, with a privileged view to the mountains and ocean. To have all livingspaces orientated to the fantastic views, a linear organization was chosen, based on the principles of Feng-Shui. The house has most of its spaces on the groundfloor level, except for a sauna which is located in the basement. This results in a long stretched building that uses a relatively flat area in the terrain to create a direct relation with the garden with natural swimmingpool.

A cantilevering roof on the southside of building provides the necessary shadow, allowing facades with lots of glass and creating a transition zone between inside and outside. The construction of the house will be done using natural, sustainable materials. For the walls and floors, a CrossLaminatedTimber construction is chosen, in order to reduce building waste and to create a healthy indoor climate.

048 EP R06




Private house


Madeira – Portugal




Design in progress


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