The design of consists of a series of spaces, some outside, some inside, with variations in privacy, that slowly blend the domestic with the urban environment. The urban arrangements are such, that the houses have two sides to interact with it’s surrounding, creating a synergy between city and house, house and city. An open patio connects the plot with the street and creates a space where the residents can have a small workshop or sell some products. From this patio one enters in the next patio that is an introduction to the privacy of the family life, before continuing in the further in the sequence of spaces. The heart of the house is given shape by a patio that connects the pavilion with kitchen and living room with the pavilion housing the bedrooms and bathroom.

The residents can open their bedrooms to this patio, or open up to the private patio’s on the other side of the bedrooms. Considering the low budget and environmental issues, we chose materials that are locally available, low-tech, affordable and easily suitable for self-construction. The main construction consists of load bearing walls of rammed earth. This technique of making walls with compressed earth is well known in Angola and is very suitable for the climate of Luanda, because of it’s thermal mass.

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International competition for low cost prototype private houses in Luanda


Luanda, Angola




Studio Dois in collaboration with Jimmy van der Aa

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