We were asked by an artist couple to renovate the kitchen of their house, located in a small coastal village in The Netherlands. The kitchen was outdated, dark and didn´t fit with their lifestyle. It was to have a better connection to the garden, which should also improve by adding a veranda and updating the terrace.

We proposed to make a kitchen in a style that fitted with the interior of the house and it´s owners, with honest, natural materials in a varnished steel frame. A team of skilled local craftsmen took on the job, delivering a kitchen with character, made with solid oak surfaces and honed Belgian Bluestone.

As the garden is located north of the house, the veranda was built in such a way that it would obstruct the natural light as little as possible, while being big enough to sit comfortably under it. We chose a painted wooden structure with glass sheets in between, placed assymetrical on a supporting structure, to keep the terrace free from columns.







Private residence


The Netherlands






Jeroen Schilperoort & Thomas Akerboom


Studio Dois


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