The library intends to reinterpret the public space and the surrounding landscape exploring a discreet and quiet language, however with a radical attitude in the way that is exposed to the bustling Avenida Luisa Todi and the Largo José Afonso. The lake and the beautiful trees gain visibility through the creation of footpaths and the square interacts with the library.

The library is placed longitudinally along the southern boundary of the square, with ut blocking this south access since the two floors of the building are suspended creating a covered square area, a marquise.

The building is organized in two floors plus one groundlevel and has a free plan. The more exposed public areas are downstairs in order to stimulate the public involvement, as well as service areas that need loading and unloading of materials. The remaining program areas are on the first and second floor. Two patios in the core of the library provide daylight to almost all building spaces and create outside rooms for leisure.

1306 FRONT

AQ1306 interior adult

1306 BMS

  1306 SCHEME

1306 SITE

1306 PLAN



National designcompetition for the new Municipality Library Setúbal


Municipality of Setúbal


Setúbal, Portugal



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