ES Mem Martins, an open competition for a high school in Portugal, was designed in collaboration with landscape architect POSAD from The Hague, The Netherlands. We chose to concentrate the school on the east side of the plot, so there is a spatial extension of the existing green axis on the west side of the plot and a large public park is added to the future neighbourhood. From this new park, the school gradually grows upwards, creating terraces, all with s tunning views of the mountains of Sintra in the west. The terraces also function as a “private” outside space for the specific ateliers and workspaces of the different departments of the school, where small temporary exhibitions can take place and students can work outside. In this way, the different activities that take place in the school are being exposed to the people from the neighbourhood in an informal way. Inside a vertical spatial learning street connects the different departments together. Students take this route to their own departments but see the activities of all the other departments in an informal way.

025 exterior street side

025 exterior

025 interieur

landscape roof


schema routing


International competition for a secondary school


Mem Martins, Portugal




Studio Dois in collaboration with POSAD


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