Our proposal for the sound barrier between the airport and the residential area manifests itself as a prolongation of the dense birch trees forest already facing the airport. The slim, white trunks of the trees create an irregular vertical barcode, while keeping a certain transparency. By placing a visually irregular sequence of white structural poles supporting a transparent barrier, it interacts harmoniously with this distinctive element of the airports Southern frontier.

Between the poles, the actual noise barrier is made with 2 materials that guarantee the transparency of the solution. On the airport-side, screens of the innovative transparent absorptive material Filva-T meanders through the terrain; on the residential side, a glass screen provides a noise reflective surface. This way, the airport will keep its characteristic view to the neighbourhood, and the bordering houses will keep their visual connection to the open space Northwards.

Our proposal was selected as 1 of the 6 finalist.

1410 current

1410 view

1410 view 02

AQ1410 100 plan 1 op 2000 copy


International competition for a soundbarrier between the airport and neighbouring the residentail area




Brömma, Sweden





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