The design can be considered a vertical park that celebrates the activities of urban life, combining them in one public space and showcasing them to the city. The park consists of a spacious steel structure, with slabs and stairs circling around each other, going up to the rooftop garden. Within the vertical park there are two main routes; one has the character of a city street, the other of an urban park. The first route provides spaces for activities like skateboarding, roller blading, parkour etc. The second route has a more calm character with crushes shell plateaus and lazy concrete stairs;  a route to take a tranquil walk up to the roof.

The two routes first meet at the heart of the vertical park, on a square that can also be used for public performances. The steps are inviting to take a lunch break while enjoying the view on the skateboarders, or to have a coffee from the espresso bar. The translucent skate bowl hanging in the top the centre, showing the reflections of the skaters using it, is a interesting centre of attention. Both routes end in the rooftop garden that is draped on top of the steel structure, consisting of a hilly grass landscape with some small trees.



024 kruiskade

024 concept

024 layout


International competition “Reclaiming the Street” on proposals how to intergrate skate culture back into public spaces






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